April 10, 2013

Stressors. They seemingly appear out of nowhere, these invisible forces of destruction, and they cause all sorts of irritating physical manifestations that let you know that something isn’t healthy, isn’t whole, isn’t “right.” Our minds go into neutral and we press on, feeling alone in our schedules, just trying to get our daily tasks done all the while sanitizing our hands, blowing our noses, moisturizing our skin and willing ourselves to ignore the minor illnesses and annoyances that have befallen us. Recently I have noticed my own stressor—one that had no physical reason to appear and yet—there it was. But yesterday, “Jesus Calling” addressed this very issue and reminded me that I needed to slow down and spend a moment with Jesus. And there was clarity. (Can I get an AMEN!)


Christ, in the midst of our humanity, asks us to re-turn to him (did we turn away?), bringing both ourselves and our problems into his presence. How beautiful that the Creator in all his perfection has asked us to bring our imperfections, our “ickies,” our stressors, into the light of his presence! Many of the problems we face – emotional, physical, spiritual—vanish in the light of our Lord; and those that remain become lesser because of being so near to him. The best part—his presence goes with us everywhere!


So can you feel it? That release the very moment you allow Jesus to fold you in? It’s like breathing in fresh, clean air for the first time. It’s delicious, taking over your senses from head to toe, relieving, removing, and fading away all those things that bogged you down in the first place.  It’s like a misty, celadon, ocean breeze waking  redwood forested cliffs, the fragrance of the warming sun kissing the earth as it peeks over the horizon. And it’s like the end of the summer, when the heat finally breaks, the sky turns to cerulean, navy, and aqua, and the first star greets the cool, darkening night. Always, we are blanketed in his light.


The moment I realized I was farther from my Lord than I should have been – oh how the air grows stale–, allowing the daily grind to take over my focus, the Spirit of the Lord pulled at my heart.  Christ is my peace, my strength, and my health. And now, two days later, my own stressor has started to fade… in the light of the Lord and his healing presence. AMEN!


Exodus 33:14 ~ The Lord replied, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” 

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