April 24, 2013 A Minute for Jesus

A Minute for Jesus

Some mornings I wake up and it feels like the movie “Groundhog Day.” I think to myself, “didn’t I just do this?” Once the shower has opened my eyes and I dig my lip balm out of the drawer I stashed it in, the days’ events start to swirl…there’s work projects, household cleaning, laundry, more work projects….did I call that person back? Did I put water out for the pets? I need to spend some Quality Time with the husband… Thoughts take over and the desire to organize it all roars like an angry lion, forcing life and limb into a simple, ill fitting, daily plan. I go rushing out the door, all pertinent pieces in hand…keys, check; lunch, check; purse, check; sunglasses, check; pen I took off my desk and found in my pocket from work, check.  


But something’s missing. What did I forget? Ah, yes. The grumpy monkey on my shoulder quickly reminds me what’s missing.


It takes me 10 minutes to realize the alarm has gone off and I need to get up.  10 minutes to do hair and makeup. 10 minutes to shower. 10 minutes to search out “work clothes” and get dressed. Somewhere in all those 10 minute increments, while attempting to adjust my attitude and prepare for the day, I have forgotten the most important 10 minutes that would make it all worthwhile. And I didn’t give Jesus even 1 single minute, let alone 10. No wonder!  Isn’t he worth more than my scatter brained attempt at “good morning” during the 4 minutes it takes me to drive to work? It’s focus time.


Today’s Jesus Calling was about just that – making time for the Lord. There’s no condemnation in missing that time, even when you finally grind the gears to a dead stop and turn back to him. And there’s no shame in admitting that some days, stopping for Jesus is HARD. It shouldn’t be, but it is. We are bombarded with stuff that fills our life! Life causes pressure! Pressure causes stress! Stress causes the need to organize and plan and we get busier and busier….Sarah Young, the author of Jesus Calling,  wrote (and I am paraphrasing) that our busy-ness is, in its purest and simplest form, an idol. Our scheduling, organizing, planning… an idol—the illusion of control that we cling to, an idol! (Big Sigh). And idol worship is, well, bad. It redirects our focus from what we need and what is necessary to survive our day to day life to the temporary, the wants, and the extra pressure that (let’s face it) we don’t need in any way. Yes, pressure turns us into jewels, and fire refines and reignites us. But not the world’s pressure, and not the world’s refinement. Say it with me. Bold, Italics, Underlined. Not the world’s pressure. Not the world’s refinement.


The challenge for me was to stop searching for the sock the dog ran away with, to stop looking at the clock, and to start by picking up Jesus Calling. After all, it was sitting on top of my makeup bag. I had to pick it up to get to my daily routine. (Funny how I’ve never had to look for Jesus Calling or my Bible) Coincidence? Not on your life. That was Jesus, planned, prepared, and calling my name every so subtly.


The challenge for you this week is to give Jesus one honest to goodness, minute, each and every day. Christ can offer abundant blessings, calmness, and organization in those 60 seconds (though he’d love a few more!); and those seconds are priceless to him. Let’s take it a step further and get a little crazy — shoot for 5 minutes.  Basking in the glory of our Creator’s presence is oxygen to the breathless man. Breathe him in. Your life and limbs will become ordered by the maker of order. And all that stress, that “didn’t I just do this” mentality — it melts away in the light of the Morning Star. (Now that’s a wonderful feeling!)


May your time with Jesus be never ending.

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