February 12, 2013

Ever have one of those nights where you feel attacked? Like every time you shut your eyes, Satan’s minions are on the loose, ruining your sleep? I Know, RIGHT! Sunday night was like that for me. But in the midst of my dreams, I was reminded of the faithfulness of God, and I knew that I wasn’t alone. During the horrific details (I can still vividly see, but will spare you the details) I was racing towards what I hoped was safety. I didn’t know if anyone would be saved, or if safety was really to be had! But what I did know was that even in my sleep I rebuked those vile creatures in the Name of Jesus. I believed in and called out to Jesus for strength to endure, for peace while I waded through the muck and mire. Amazing to know that even in dreaming I was SURE of my Savior.

My precious little sister quoted a few verses from  Psalm 139 to me last night, reminding me how wonderful it is to have a God who we can never be separated from. I encourage you to read the Scripture and be reminded that whether waking or in dreams, in good times or bad, in the darkness and the light, our Heavenly Father is with us.

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