March 27, 2013

Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, months…where a phrase sticks in your mind and heart? A verse? A line from poetry? Usually, I hear the internal gears grinding out the words from a John Milton Hayes poem I had to memorize in the 6th grade; or these classic words from a prayer I read on the walls of a shelter, “Slow me down Lord, I’m moving way too fast.”

Today’s words were different. Instead of the normal mantra, I’ve been listening to a refreshingly quiet hum from the depths of my soul whispering, “By the Grace of God go I.” It’s simple. It’s solid. It’s truth. And in the spirit of Easter, I believe it’s Christ reminding me that because he loves me, he has walked every step of the path before me and covered it with His grace. By His Grace. Beautiful, isn’t it.

My prayer is that you will also hear His voice whispering gently in your soul and through your Spirit.

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