May 15 The Scripture Catch

God will use whatever or whomever he wants in order to capture your attention. Sometimes it’s a word…a phrase…a leaf, petal, bug…the sky, stars, or moon… the nature channel, science discovery, a person crossing your path or your child’s science fair project…and sometimes, it’s the availability of differing translations of scripture that as I share in the next few circumstances, am positive were written specifically for me.


I am a dreamer. I am a wisher… I am a magic bean buyer. The imagination inside was not only a gift from the Maker, but my go-to survival tool in a world filled with broken, ugly things. It allowed vision to become more than what you see, words to become more than what you read, and life to grow beyond any boundaries that mankind could set. This gift, this perspective, is something I believe was cut from the flesh of the living God and wrapped up inside of my soul. And those bits, those things that the Creator uses to capture my attention, are noticed because of that very specific gift.

The Scripture Catch, as I will call it, started when I read “Circle of Seasons” by Kim Conway. I was desperately bored with memorization ( I hadn’t gotten to God telling Job the what-for (Job 38 and beyond)) and begged God to “throw me a bone.” In his most delicate, “do what I ask” request, I picked up “Circle of Seasons.” (An AMAZING read, by the way). One of the verses right smack dab in the middle of the first season, and following the ever running circle, was from the New Jerusalem Reader’s Version. Never before had this specific verse been so vibrant and alive until it was worded just so. I knew of its importance, but beyond that….it needed some Glory, because let’s face it, folks—the gift of Jesus is beyond glorious. In an instant, I could almost see the glory of the light that was raining down from heaven like confetti made of stars, ticker tape made of golden fairy dust. It was so bright that it stopped my eyes from moving beyond their words and I felt them reach into the force of my life as I whispered them aloud, illuminating my soul. A moment like that takes your breath away.

A few years later, I inherited a “daily inspiration” flip book from an amazing woman. Of course, I never actually followed that whole date thing and would just toss the pages until I found something that spoke to me. Enter Jesus. The May 26th message comes from the book of Psalms, chapter 90 verse 2. The way it was worded in The Message translation struck that same glorious, fantastical chord.

Long before the mountains were born,

long before you brought the Earth itself to birth,

 from “once upon a time” to “kingdom come”

–you are God.

Living in a world desperate for that fairy tale beginning (it’s there, I promise!) and longing for the day when the brave knight will rescue his kingdom from destruction and despair (it’s happening, I promise!), I needed to read those words—YOU ARE GOD—in a lasting, supernatural form. I knew it. I know it. It will never change. But my attention needed to be gotten in a very specific way. The world needed to be swirled back up into a tangible dream, beautiful from its pre-formation, magical in its reformation, and glorious in its reconciliation.  Jesus knew from day one that I would be a special catch, and that it would take a magical ordering and translation of ink on parchment to show me the supernatural side of creation from the Almighty’s perspective. Once upon a time, the birth of all creation’s tide spoke of a kingdom that is to come; and out of the vortex of failing faith I heard it bear witness to the only God worthy of such timeless grandeur.

Let me just say that my attention has been caught.

What is the Maker of the universe whispering to you? How has he captured your focus to see what he sees? Need a little help? Pray it with me, “Lord, show me the beauty & mystery that you have made…open my eyes and my heart, and tune them to your song.” Wait for it—when you least expect it, it will appear out of the corner of your eye, in a specific note of a song, or on a dirty old piece of paper with words arranged just so to capture your attention and wash your spirit fair and clean with his glorious heart.

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