May 28 Way to go, Jesus!

stratocumulus castellanusWill someone please tell me why I don’t hear things like this said out loud more often? When I look at the world around me, heads are down and focused, eyes are narrowed, concentration is sucked into the latest i-gadget, and the world in its finite honor, glorifying our creator is screaming at us, trying to get our attention—trying to show us the incomparable biosphere of life (and beyond!) surrounding us…

Lined with red golden hues, the clouds doth scream! Yes, they scream and they shout!

Pull your eyes out of your book, tablet, smart tv, computer screen, smart phone, laundry, laundry list, dishes, etc. and look up. See creation move before your eyes….the sunrise, the sunset….feel the breeze in the early morning as the sun warms it; smell the flowers, alive in the garden, note the scents of summer filling the invisible city walls and open every last pore of your flesh to the creation swirling around you, day or night. Breath it in.

My husband and I try to make the little things like this a priority. To remind ourselves that God is delighted in his creation..and in sharing it with us. Such joy to observe, and also to absorb! Whenever we notice something amazing, we call (or go and get) the other person to share it. This most recent one…the hubs called me. He said, “Go outside! Quick! Look at those clouds! Amazing, aren’t they!” Ah, yes, they really were. There were tinges of red, purple….green and yellow where the sun was brightest on the horizon.  And within my spirit I felt the joyful drive to audibly say, “Way to go, Jesus!” I believe you could have related the visual glory in terms such as “breathtaking” or “awe inspiring.”

From yet another perspective, let me offer a minor explanation on this particular bit of stratocumulus castellanus (aka, some really cool clouds…) As an artist, creating any type of clouds are…well, they’re a bit iffy. If you use the incorrect types together, it just looks wrong (scientifically and artistically). If you put too many…wrong…not enough, wrong…Clouds are very particular (who knew!). Some really great artists can get ‘em  pretty close to just right, but for the most part—getting clouds to look like real clouds is work. And then, adding sun rays and moon beams, starlight and nature, cityscapes and whatever other variables… let me just say it almost always looks fake in some way. What about the real thing? A whisper from heaven for aqua skies, a hint of amethyst and jade, and red golden hues gilding with fire the edges of clouds as the sun sinks below the horizon.  Spectacular. But the kicker is this: rarely do we recognize the artist for offering such remarkable scenery on a daily basis.

I challenge you (this is where you say, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!) to pay attention today, tomorrow, and every other day this week to the life around you that was here before technology made it visible in 1080P High Definition without getting out of your chair. Pay attention to it (yes, even if  it’s on the television) and give credit where credit is due. When you do, offer a super-sized thank you, way to go Jesus, or other appropriate exultation for making a pretty darn impressive work of art to witness each day (this is where you say “I’d be delighted”). And if it’s a song, a happenstance, or a person God made (he made them all!) that catches the peripherals of your spirit, then take a moment to adjust your perspective and thank him for the talent you have been blessed to witness as well.  Because we, as exceptional pieces of that art, should publicly honor the artist.

Photo by: Allen Gresham SFHPhotography

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